Exporting Scheduled Tasks from Windows Task Scheduler to CSV

I stumbled across a cool tidbit of information this morning. I was attempting to export a long list of scheduled jobs from the Windows Task Scheduler, but was thinking that I’d have to either build a powershell script to do it for me, or manually export each task individually, and then aggregate all the results.

Not so! Turns out there’s a command for that.

schtasks /query /S SERVERNAME /FO CSV /V > exportedjobs.csv

This will take all scheduled tasks (including system jobs), and export them to a file named exportedjobs.csv in your current working directory.

Then, you can import this into Excel and massage the data however you’d like.

Cool, huh?

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7 thoughts on “Exporting Scheduled Tasks from Windows Task Scheduler to CSV

  1. very cool and better than most hints which just say how to export a single task using right click in the task GUI.
    It should be mentioned that SERVERNAME can be omitted for the local computer or set to a valid value.
    To make this clear in the command I would change the line to: schtasks /query /S %COMPUTERNAME% /FO CSV /V > exportedjobs.csv

  2. This does not seem to be exporting all tasks. I just upgraded to Windows 10. Worked great in the past.
    Any update to this?

  3. The above does not Export all tasks. I missing many. I want what is displayed in the Task Scheduler Library folder. What am I missing?

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